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Ensure Consistent CBD & Cannabis Product Production

Precise Mixing to Ensure Consistent CBD Product Production

As the CBD product market becomes more and more popular with consumers, manufacturers are now faced with an expansion of product offerings, facilities and production capabilities. 


The 2019 Cannabis Trend Report by AxisWire states that manufacturing infrastructures are taking shape due to consumers becoming more sophisticated. There is a growing need for companies that can manufacture infused products, vape products, pre-rolls, etc. Multi-state operators are making major investments in building up their infrastructure. In the state of California alone, there are nearly 600 cannabis manufacturers. As there is a growing premium on sophisticated cannabis brand, expect to see similar growth in the value of cannabis manufacturers. 


In addition, according to Cannabiz Media in a 2019 article:

  • Changing consumer preferences and purchasing trends – Demand for cannabis products are increasing steadily

  • Evolving edibles and infused products rules – The need to keep up to date on state regulations and THC limits are integral and can lead to lost revenue through the supply chain

  • Counterfeiting becoming more common – So far, paraphernalia (vaporizer cartridges for example) has been and will continue to be a target for counterfeiters. Most coming from Chinese manufacturers selling products using the same or very similar names and packaging to well-known brands but at a lower quality and cheaper price.


Also, with the green rush reaching a crest, reality is setting in for some smaller cannabis operators, according to the Cannabis Industry Journal in December of 2019. They also state that we are expected to see more consolidation with smaller operations being bought up and absorbed by the bigger players in the market.


With all of the above trends happening and the regulations currently a moving target, one of the most important things that you can control is the quality and consistency of your CBD product production. This can be achieved with high-end mixers and stirrers from BYK-Gardner, that are designed for mixing, homogenizing, and suspending your CBD, THC, or hemp product ingredients. With high torque, they are ideal for high viscosity cannabis applications such as gummies, chocolates, supplements, oils, and a large variety of cosmetic applications.


  • Integrated stainless-steel control panel & digital display to adjust speed, motor height & power

  • Robust bottom plate made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Quiet and brushless AC motor that is height adjustable with minimal vibration


Key to Precise Production


With any production system there are several elements that are essential to running an efficient operation. Each batch must be consistent to ensure the potency, quality and safety of the edibles or products. As for anyone producing health, wellness or edible products, ensuring the safety of your products is important to consumer health and your company’s liability. Poor quality edibles or inconsistent products will make it difficult to build and sustain a positive reputation.


  • Consistent Mixing – Through the use of proper equipment using propeller blades, three-armed stirring blades, dissolver disks, or butterfly stirrers, consistent mixing can be ensured. Capable of blending CBD and cannabis product viscosities, your mixing system uniformly dispersing the oil into the aqueous phase in emulsions. Consistent production between batches to ensures the CBD does not exceed guidelines and confirms product quality.


  • Wall Scraper System – In order to guarantee a perfect mix with high viscosity and poor-flowing cannabis substances, a scraper system is essential. The product which is found at the inner wall of the container is scraped off and added to the center of the mixing vessel. This ensures that all material is used in your mixing process.


  • Vacuum Capabilities – A vacuum attachment is especially useful when producing gummies where air entrapment can be eliminated which results in a more consistent and color stable product. If tiny air bubbles are not eliminated, they can cause variations in flavor, appearance and quality. Using a vacuum system can protect cannabinoids from oxygen degradation and CBN formation.


  • Production Growth Flexibility – As the consumer need grows, your production capabilities may need to grow with them. When choosing a system look at flexibility to upscale as needed. BYK-Gardner offers system and application expertise to all of your needs, both current and future.


Quality and precise production equipment designed for mixing, homogenizing, and suspending CBD, THC, or hemp product ingredients brings consistency to your products.